Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Retroactive Medicaid in Georgia - An incentive to continue treatment

SSI and Medicaid Applicants, Do your providers know that they can get compensated for the care provided even prior to your Medicaid application? Section 2053 of the Georgia Medicaid Manual provides that providers may seek compensation retroactively for care provided in the three months prior to the month of application for ABD Medicaid, Family Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Additionally, payment may be obtained for time periods during which the case was in adjudication (intervening months). Retroactive pre-certification is required in most cases, but these cases can get paid. This is an incentive for physicians and facilities to continue the provision of care for their sickest patients, even during interrupted coverage. It is also a huge benefit for patients whose cases before Social Security are directly impacted by the quality and substance of their medical records.

Feiler & Associates can assist with your Social Security claim, and educate your physician on what they can do to seek payment once you qualify. We obtain state compensation of millions of dollars a year for medical providers in this exact situation, improving the financial health of the provider, while securing payment for a patient's treatment.

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