Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Americans: No Social Security Cut to Reduce Deficit

...[A] promise made is a debt unpaid... — Robert W. Service

An advocacy group by the name of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare Foundation is about to release the results of a national poll that contains some interesting information. The results, to be shared on July 15 at 1:00 pm at the U.S. Capitol Building, indicate that:
  • Americans interviewed do not believe Social Security to be a major cause of the deficit, and as such should remain untouched as Congress addresses the shortfall.

  • The results further state that Americans do not believe that Social Security is a drain on the economy, and that the conditions in which we currently find ourselves economically highlight a need for such a program.
  • Finally, and perhaps unsurprisingly, a vast majority of Americans asserted that Social Security belongs to its contributors and their beneficiaries, and that it is a promise made to all generations which should not be broken.
While none of these ideals should come as a shock, the message is clear. Most Americans, even those who would perhaps oppose the introduction of a similar program in today's political and economic climate, agree that fairness would dictate that they have access to government provided insurance that they were forced to purchase. Common fairness right? All the more reason for voters to demand streamlining, accountability, and transparency from those individuals that they elected to help steer this great country, so that promised benefits may be delivered and delivered properly.


  1. Republicans use to be somewhat sensible to me. Now they have let the right wing nuts in. Seems like a looney Inn and they have taken the American people hostage with the debt ceiling. Losers trying to run a country and set an example for other countries. A bunch of horse doo..doo! Rise China Rise. You are the chosen nation. Crazy Tea Partiers, don't want any one to have tea in their cups but them.

  2. No social security cuts. The republican only care about the rich. It quick obvious because they don't want to tax the rich. They need to do like the President says or one day they might be walking around with made in China under their feet instead of their shoe.