Friday, July 30, 2010

Announcement of a New Coalition to Save Social Security is a group of more than 50 organizations that have banded together to decry benefit cuts to Social Security. Though their component organizations are diffuse in ideology and goals, they have assembled a list of principles that includes the idea that Social Security does not affect the deficit and should not be reduced to lower the deficit, that it should not contain a means test, that benefits should not be reduced, and that age requirements should not be increased.

They also appear to make some more politically charged suggestions that those who are disadvantaged should be given more, and that privatization should not occur. Though there are individuals who may disagree with the ideals espoused by some of the member organizations, and perhaps may even disagree with some of the tenets included in their guiding principles, it is great to see that there appears to be a push by some clout-bearing (read -monied) organizations to address this important issue, and hopefully help hold our Senate and Congress accountable to a greater degree than we as individuals can.

This site contains a number of Social Security myths and the explanations behind their debunking. It is a worthwhile read, and though was clearly written from a politically motivated position, it contains information worth exploring further.

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