Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Privatizing Social Security - A new push?

As mid term elections draw closer, some interesting new poll results have come to light, and the party lines are not so clearly drawn on the two issues that individuals were asked about. The Republican agenda of pushing toward privatizing Social Security seems to be gaining a toehold, as 58% of respondents would support privatizing at least a portion of their holdings.

Falling in line with Democrat positions, it appears that over half of individuals polled DO NOT support replacing Medicare with a voucher system that would allow seniors to purchase private coverage.

The impact of these issues on the election may be palpable, but both majority positions above seem reasonable, however on the subject of privatizing Social Security, it would seem that such a move would be a concession to Wall Street, whose abusive investment behavior nearly led this country to financial ruin. Adequate protections would have to be put into place in order to garner the support of gun-shy voters who are not likely to trust Wall Street again.

On the Medicare issue, is this really a surprise? Aside from arguably not paying hospitals enough, Medicare works reasonably well. Why would an individual trade a functioning program for a plan with a private carrier where benefits would be different, network strength would become an issue, and appealing claims would become more complex?

It will be interesting to see where priorities lie come November.

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