Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A New Addition: Information for Veterans

A large number of my readership and clients are Disabled Veterans who are becoming informed about the differences between Social Security Disability and Veterans Service-Connected Disability. I have started another blog especially for the Veteran population at, where I will begin to offer information about this related and very complex process. One major difference between VA Service Connected Disability and Social Security Disability is that unlike Social Security Disability which is an "all-or-none" undertaking, there are varying degrees of Veterans Disability. These levels are expressed by diagnoses as percentages, which are then combined to create a composite disability rating that is then used to determine compensation.

A common concern that I hear from my clients is about the math that is employed when creating a composite disability percentage rating. The reason for much of this confusion centers on disability percentages not being added together, but rather applied sequentially to the residual capacity that the Veteran retains. The law that governs the calculations of these numbers may be found in the Code of Federal Regulations at 38 CFR 4.25.

I have also created a tool that may of of use when calculating or simulating various disability percentages. Click the blue link to use my online Disability and Bilateral Percentage Calculators. This tool is still in development, and is not a substitute for legal advice, so I would appreciate any feedback or compatibility issues you may have.

This blog, and the information herein is for informational purposes only, and should not be relied upon as legal advice. For more information about your particular situation, please contact Disability Attorney Thomas C. O’Brien.


  1. I am pretty familiar with SSD, but not familiar with VA. Is VA funded by the federal government as well?

  2. The short answer is yes, but the nature of how it is funded is somewhat different. While Social Security a mandatory spending program funded by payroll taxes, the VA is a government run cabinet-level program headed by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. The VA has a much smaller budget than Social Security, but represents the second largest department of the U.S. Government after the Department of Defense.

  3. Thanks. Hope these things will help several peoples.

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